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T H E  S T O R Y  O F F 

The beginning

What started it all?

Back in 2017 I began listening to vaporwave. The music, the visuals the feeling. It got to me. I remember sitting down one night and creating the gasstation piece. Which has been the origin of Dutch tide. The gas station series stands for interpretation. Meaning that I tried to design it in such a way that it reflects your thoughts and feelings. The composition is set up in such a way that your eyes go through the whole image but you always return to a focal point that doesn't really exist. Symbolising reflection and emptiness. Its set on one plane, meaning, you have foreground background and midground. I put the gas station on the mid ground which is where traditional japanese art comes together with dutch fundamentals. Neon colors, vague vocal points and emptiness are at the core of this piece. This is what resonates with people. This is what the art of Dutch tide will be like. Hopefully you'll be able to express yourself the same way I do. Cheers!