Invest in the Future with Tide estates 

Gain a postmodern perspective with our luxurious flats Become one with the

s k y l i n e.

Enjoy true simplicity and peace of mind Art for art sake, comfort just for you.


Apartment 16A

Apartment 16A floor 2.

Simple life is the core of Tide Estates, and that is reflected in is beautiful small apartment. One block wide it offers you enough to enjoy a wide view through large windows giving you a spacious sense. The blinds can be interacted with. Hardwood floor and a unique plant in the corner. 


Apartment 61H

Apartment 61H floor 2.

Time is most important in our daily life, with this small but efficient apartment all your needs are met. Clean air ventilation, and natural sunlight is what make this condo shine. At night fall asleep in this comfortable bed under the warm glow of the neon signs outside. 


Laundry service

Laundry service, future laundry

The unique opportunity has arisen from the bottom of High-rise 01 to become owner of this laundry service. Its unique location and wonderful equipment will surely relief anyone of its dirty clothing. Wait with the sweet sound of tumbling dryers and washing while your clothes get cleansed from their spots and dirt's.

Do not let this unique opportunity slide.