T H E  M A K I NG  O F  A 


From 3d to aesthetics

The header video at home page.

The Dutchtide philosophy is focused on an individual experience. Experience is the key word I am using here. It means that I want you as a viewer not only to just see a "brand" or a "website". 

But rather have a feeling while you browse the creations I make. 

The  header is as the word literally says, the head of a website. Quite an important feature. I wanted it to make an impression. Me and a colleague of mine spend months trying to create the perfect wave simulation in 3d. I even started animating this wave frame by frame (1200 plus frames) but man did that take a lot of work and time. At one point I decided I needed to do something different. More within my reach. And that's how this video came about.  I walk you through the process below. 

Thank you for reading!

Reference shooting

The header video at home page.

Each process starts with shooting reference. 

My whole life I have lived next to the

N O R T H  S E A 

So it was easy for me to capture those perfect waves that I wanted. I was looking for this clean collapse of the wave. So that I could divide it into easy shapes. I sent this reference to Nick who would try to simulate the wave in blender using advanced techniques and studying actual waves! How cool is that.


Understanding waves

Analysing waves is very important if you want to make them. On your right you see a scheme that I made for Nick so we could figure out the simulation. (Excuse the dutch langauge)


Sometimes you have to do what you don't enjoy

Nick had been working for a long time on the waves, but with little result. The simulation proofed to be incredibly hard to control and frustrated us both a lot. Fast iteration was not possible. Nick gave it one last spin and we got a similar result as the reference video. It relied however on my paintover skills. Which was something I had no experience with.


See Nick's portfolio below


After months of working, I did not want to do it anymore.

Both me and Nick were done with this. But I still had no header. On your right you see how far I got with the frame by frame animation based on Nick's work. But man did I dread working on this. Weeks passed and no progress was being made. 

Frame by frame by frame done in


Base done in blender

New beginnings

Tutorials do wonders

Browsing youtube I came across an incredible animator named Olof Storm. And exactly that day he decided to post a tutorial on how he made the waves like I did in my header. After tweaking and making it mine it turned out great!

-sand  painted in photoshop

-water rendered in cinema4d

-post production done in after effects.

Olof's youtube channel

F I N A L  R E S U L T