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Premise of the contest: Make your own interpetation of a vaporwave-inspired gas station based on the techniques you picked up from Dutchtide’s tutorials and have a chance to win!


Vanita's Museum shop

The last bit of gasoline is only available in a museum. You get there only to find out your car battery died and the diesel prices are insane. You need a full tank to power an engine of some old equipment that you dont understand to save your loved ones. What now..?


Outpost !Horizon_station's


The image is about the eerie contrast between a dead landscape and a pristine gas station. The fact there is no people here only enhances the mysterious vibe.

Zer0れい ~ Gas station 2

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no title ~Peter Sprinter

Photograph made in Moravia, artist tanked here right before the photowas taken.


EcoStation ~ dogederp Karlo 

The sun is setting, you come across this off the beaten track. It leads here, to this gas station. You drive through fast plains of grass. Watching the sun set. (Eco fuel available only)


Gas station ~ EIS-T


Midnight Oasis ~ Pat Summers

You find this mysterious gas station on your way to area 51, you are not sure how its maintained so well or why it was put here but the warm energy from it only excites you as to what else you will find on your way to Nevada.

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Gas station, East side Manhattan 2019 by ncxkd

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Hosted by Dutchtide and Private Suite Magazine

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