Aesthetic art

The fundamentals

Aesthetic art is of course like any art open to opinion. Meaning that what I consider aesthetic art might not necessarily mean you consider it art as well. However these principals I will try to explain in this walk through are as old as 1200 AD. Things like perspective, color , light and composition have always served the image regardless of style, genre or opinion. In this short course I will show you some of the basics that I use myself in my own work. The piece on the right was specifically created for this purpose. The video explains in 7 steps what I did, and the slide show below will show you the fundamentals of image making that I used behind the scenes for the choices within this art work. I hope you enjoy.

Also, you will be able to participate in a contest with these skills! 

Any medium is allowed as long you use the subject Gas station and follow the fundamentals explained on this page!

join the battle.png

Winners will be chosen 02/02/20

Submissions can be send at :

(All forms of media allowed)